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This free CSV to MySQL converter tool is very simple and easy to use. It converts CSV text to MySQL queries

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Our CSV to MySQL converter tool provides a fast and easy way to convert your CSV files into MySQL queries. Just paste your CSV code into the input area, and click the "Convert To MySQL" button. The tool will then generate a MySQL query that you can use to insert the data into your database. Give it a try today!

The CSV to MySQL converter is a very useful tool for developers who need to convert CSV files to MySQL queries. The tool is free and easy to use, making it a valuable resource for anyone working with CSV data and MySQL databases.

As a developer, you may often encounter situations where you need to import data from a CSV file into a MySQL database. Our CSV to MySQL converter tool is designed to make this process quick and easy, allowing you to convert your CSV data into MySQL queries in just a few simple steps.

The CSV to MySQL converter tool is also a great resource for those who need to share CSV data with others who are using MySQL databases. By converting the CSV data into MySQL queries, you can ensure that the data is easily accessible to those who need it.


In the MySQL database, there are two options to import a CSV file. One is to use a command line tool and another is to use a Graphical User Interface, or GUI.

  • From the Object Explorer, Expand the Databases Folder.
  • Select the Target Database.
  • Select a Flat File Source.
  • Specify the CSV File.
  • Configure the Columns.
  • Choose the Destination (SQL Server)
  • Specify the Database Table and Check Column Mappings.

Importing a CSV file into SQL Server can be done within PopSQL by using either BULK INSERT or OPENROWSET(BULK...) command. The BULK INSERT command is used if you want to import the file as it is, without changing the structure of the file or having the need to filter data from a file.

Csvq is a command line tool to operate CSV files. You can read, update, delete CSV records with SQL-like query. You can also execute multiple operations sequentially in managed transactions by passing a procedure or using the interactive shell.

  • Upload and convert multiple CSV files as a resource.
  • Import your resource to a data workspace project.
  • Transform your tables into an appropriate format and schema.
  • Add new CSV files to update your table.

Alternatives to csvsql are q and textql.

Database: PostgreSQL as it is good for CSV, free and open source. Tool: Apache Spark is a good fit for such type of tasks

SQL, or Structured Query Language, is designed to for complex queries using a relational database. A CSV file is not a relational database, and therefore has significantly more limitations for storing, updating, and manipulating data.

When you open a CSV in python, and assign it to a variable name, you are using your computers memory to save that variable. Accessing data from a database like SQL is not only more efficient, but also it allows you to subset and import only the parts of the data that you need.

CSV/text files are imported much faster than MySQL Workbench. It would take me 40 minutes to connect to a distant MySQL server using MySQL admin.

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